Group Therapy

Some people find that they are most comfortable with a group of other people who are struggling with the same issues. A sense of support and accountability results as people share their challenges and triumphs with other group members. Group sessions are held in the evenings and on weekends to accommodate your schedule.

Our current group therapy programs include the following:

Explorers Group

This group is for people who are exploring solutions to a variety of challenges, and seek a dynamic group opportunity for change and growth. Members hold one another accountable for making progress toward individual goals, and provide feedback regarding other members' struggles, and encouragement regarding achievements. This is an ongoing group, open to existing and new clients.

The following groups are for existing clients only; please contact the office at (954) 665-4115, or at, to schedule an intake, or sign up for an initial consultation appointment:

     Effective Parenting

Focusing on integrating logical consequences and positive discipline into your parenting regimen, this program will assist you in setting appropriate limits for your children, while helping to foster postive relationships with them. It IS possible to be in charge of your home, without harming your child's self-esteem!

     Turning Anger and Aggression into Assertiveness

For people who have a hard time standing up for themselves, or those that let their anger get the best of them. This program can assist you in getting what you want, without getting yourself into trouble.

    Help for Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction can be devastating. It can create destruction of familial relationships, career goals, social standing, and personal freedom. If you are struggling with issues of excessive use of pornography, unsafe or excessive sexual activity, infidelity, or difficulties with intimacy, this group can assist you in creating more healthful belief systems, and lead you in developing a more fulfilling lifestyle.

     Overcoming Addiction

Whether you have problems controlling substance use, eating, gambling, or some other behavior, our Overcoming Addiction group will empower you to solve your behavioral and mental challenges.

     Coping with Anxiety

If you find yourself unable to enjoy your life or fulfill your obligations because of excessive worry, or simply would like to have more peace of mind, this group is for you. Change your life for the better by learning skills to help focus your thoughts and shape your behavior in a productive way.

     Fighting Depression

If you struggle with depressed mood, loss of interest or pleasure in activities, or thoughts of helplessness and hopelessness, it's time to make a change. We can help identify specific behavioral strategies to help you overcome your daily struggle to enjoy life.

If you would be interested in a group therapy program not listed here, let us know. Email us at