This Florida Child Support Calculator is for high income parents (whose combined income exceeds $10,000/month). For parents whose combined monthly income is lower, a different calculator is required.

To determine child support in Florida, complete the following steps:

1). Calculate the monthly income for each parent. The income for child support purposes is determined by taking the parent’s gross monthly income (income derived from all sources, including salary, bonuses, disability benefits, alimony, etc.), and subtracting the following:

  • Income taxes

  • Medicare payments

  • Mandatory union dues

  • Mandatory retirement payments

  • Health/dental insurance payments for the parent

  • Alimony payments

2). Determine the number of overnights the child(ren) spend with each parent per calendar year, as per the established parenting plan. Enter the father’s number of overnights.

3). Enter the monthly daycare and health insurance costs for the child(ren).

4). Enter the monthly amounts paid by the mother and the father for the daycare and health insurance for the child(ren).

As you can see, determining child support in Florida is a fairly straightforward process. A statutory formula is used, based on each parent’s income (minus deductions), and the amount of timesharing during the year (based on overnights) each parent has with the child(ren). After the base child support amount is determined, each parent’s pro rata responsibility for the child(ren)’s daycare and health insurance expenses is calculated.

In order to file child support with a Florida court, a child support guidelines worksheet is required. This form must be filed for initial establishment of child support, as well as for any modifications. Either parent can request a child support modification any time the monthly amount to be paid would change by $50, or 15%, whichever is higher.

Please consult the Florida Statutes for a full description of child support calculations, as well as shared parenting after divorce.